Courses for Growth

Courses and tools designed to expand your influence and amplify your
business as a Health Professional.

Dr. Kayla Noel

"I have to say I'm so incredibly happy that you are coaching me. It feels more like I'm moving forward in our conversations. Thank you very much Dr. Melissa."

East End Family Wellness

"We've had 3 consecutive record months since we started working with you!”

Dr. Andrea Fontaine-Schiller

Thank you for making me feel loved and supported, and for pushing me to be the best Chiropractor and woman I can be!

Dr. Eve Choe

"Dr. Melissa is both approachable and inspiring. One of the best investments I made for myself both personally and professionally. Thank you!"

Dr. Byron Mackay

"Not only is the content great, but Dr. Melissa is so giving of her time, and genuinely wants to see you succeed. For anyone looking to improve their practice, and simplify, it's a no brainer. "

Dr. Mously LeBlanc

“You continue to inspire me.”

About Dr. Melissa Longo

Since starting a successful practice in 2002 in beautiful Collingwood Ontario, Dr. Melissa Longo has made it her business to empower other doctors in their lives and careers – literally.

A fearless entrepreneur and sought-after mentor & coach, Dr. Melissa has also hosted the top rated podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life, and currently hosts the Work, Play, Hustle & Heal Podcast in addition to working as a coach within the Laptop Lifestyle Inner Circle Program since January 2019. A relentless creator, Dr. Melissa has learned the ins and outs of branding for success. She’s used that knowledge to empower many doctors to develop brands that last. Working with doctors one-on-one, coaching with the Inner Circle, questioning the best of the best on her podcast, and hands on experience building her many, many offers, has given Dr. Melissa a unique view across the landscape of health professionals moving their businesses online, and everything it takes to nail it.